Miss Campus Diva Is Now A Knicks City Dancer


Yes, you read that headline right. Alyssa Quezada, winner of the Tempe 12 Miss Campus Diva Award in the Campus Socialite Awards,  is now a Knicks City Dancer. Alyssa graduated from the University of Delaware in May, and spent most of her time there dancing for the UD Dance Team. Now, she’s taken her hobby and talent to the next level and is making it her first job after college. For the 2011-2-12 basketball season, Alyssa will appear at Madison Square Garden dancing with a team of other fabulous dancers for the Knicks. Wow, can you say Diva?

Alyssa Quezada

When I interviewed Alyssa after she won the Tempe 12 Miss Campus Diva award, she defined a Campus Diva as a girl who “should have personality, originality and be comfortable in their own skin. Pretty much if you roll all of that up and you want to step above and beyond the average college girl, you’ve got to have confidence and love yourself.”


Alyssa Quezada 3

That’s exactly how Alyssa became a Knicks City Dancer. She stepped beyond the average girl and  put herself out there, went to the Knicks City Dancers tryouts and won a spot on the team. If you had any doubts about Alyssa when she won the Tempe 12 Miss Campus Diva award back in May, think again. She’s a professional sports dancer who exemplifies all it means to be a Campus Diva. She’s original, vivacious and charismatic. Best of all — she’s clearly a winner! Congratulations, Alyssa, from all of us at Campus Socialite!



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