Missy Modell And The Hottest Giants Remix Video You’ll Ever See (Video)


The G-Men are back again. You said it Missy. Yes, we are a national blog, but our roots are in New York, we cheer for New York teams, and if any of you Clam Chowder eating, Harvard Yard parking New Englanders don’t like it, you can check out Barstool Sports. Sorry, that was uncalled for, but regardless, we’ll post any great video promoting the giants, especially one remixing Calvin Harris, and featuring Missy Modell, the only Big Blue cheerer sexier than this Giants fan hottie. We love the song, we love the spirit, and we love the Giants jersey, and the hat, and the skin tight leggings. I’ll stop there and let you see for yourself. GO GIANTS, bitches! The G-Men are back.

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