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Mixers: The Halloween of the Greek World

By: Kelsey Pinault (University of Miami)

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The chicks of Mean Girls said it best: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” However, sorority girls take it to a whole other level when it comes to mixers.

Often times in the sorority or fraternity meeting known as “chapter”, choosing a new representative can be easier to agree upon than voting on the theme of the next social. No matter what the night with bring, members of both organizations know that determining the outfit for the night is crucial.


No matter what the theme comes down to, guys always get the easy way out. If they don’t like the theme of “crocodile hunter” it doesn’t matter. All they need to do is wear some kaki shorts and they’re in the clear. However, when that frat bro gets his wish to be DJ Pauly D for the night, he can take his fist-pumping outfit to the max. Three bottles of hair gel, an Ed Hardy t-shirt, and of course some GTL is all that’s required.

“CEOs and Office Hos” is often a popular choice from the fraternity. I wonder why? The guys get to wear a button-down with a tie if they’re feeling risky, while the girls get to wear…

This. (Less clothing preferred)


I’m willing to bet not one sorority girl will argue with the fact that mixers, be it with the best frat on campus or the weirdest frat nation-wide, are one of the best excuses to go shopping.

Dress as the letter D? You probably won’t be seeing many doorknobs or dolls there. Not when this is the perfect opportunity to be a blonde bombshell with half a pair of jean shorts on, a flannel top tied above the belly button, and cowboy boots with five-inch heels.

But just like Halloween, this dress code isn’t frowned upon. You have to be the hottest Daisy Duke there so that the guy who simply wore a “DTF” sign over his white shirt and jeans might buy you a drink.

It’s okay girls, we’re not judging. Even the sorority/fraternity-stereotype-filled show GREEK knows guys won’t care what letters you rep when you’re dressed like this…

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