MLB Baseball 2011: 20 Hot Girls Repping Their Teams (Gallery)

yankee-girlOpening Day Socialites! You can feel it in the air, especially since miraculously, it’s actually kinda warm today. Praise to the Baseball Gods! Speaking of which, this joyous occasion necessitates some celebration, and The Campus Socialite intends to do this the only way we know how; Hot Girls! Before you get excited, I should note that my original idea is to have one hot girl for each team in the league. Unfortunately however, it would appear that there are cities in this country that just don’t have any hot girls (I’m looking at you Milwaukee), and some cities have way too many (Fuck Yeah New York). Anyway, i’m sure you will find the slightly less clever “Hot Girls in Baseball Gear” just as entertaining. Just try not to miss the first pitch.

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