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Most Badass American Ever Parachutes into Michigan Stadium (Video)


I know this isn’t the first time a guy has parachuted into a stadium, but it’s definitely the sickest. Sergeant Adam Sniffen of the 101st Airborne Division jumps out of a plane with a camera and a parachute and we get to ride along with him all the way to the bottom as he lands smack dab in the middle of the Big House. The best part of it all? When Sniffen finally gets close enough for us to hear all 110,000 people cheering him on. It seriously gave me the chills. At the end you get to see the perfect landing from another perspective as the parachute releases a cloud of maize smoke before touchdown (no pun intended). So it isn’t football season yet, and this might be from a few months ago, but it just hit the net and it’s too awesome to sit on until the right time. Enjoy the whole mindblowing video after the jump.

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