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We all know that there have been some good, and many horrible, video games that have been turned into movies. However, this makes me ask the question “what if you made a video game based on a movie?” I’m not talking about action movies like Van Helsing either. These would be games that you wouldn’t think or that might be a bit of a stretch to actually make. These are just a few I came up with.

Precious: Based on The Novel Push by Sapphire

This would basically be a cross between the games “Bully” and “Babysitting Mama.” In this game, you would have to play the character of Precious, a high schooler with a kid on the way who lives in the ghetto. You have to make it through school while having to avoid being picked on and survive the rough streets. To add to the tough life, you would have to take care of a baby while having little support from anyone. Think of it as the game of life starting out without any advantages. Will you be able to chase your dream and become a star one day? That is definitely up to you. Rated M for Mature due to violence, drug use, and strong language.

Beauty and the Beast


Yeah, I said beauty and the beast. This could be the kind of game that has everything. It can have a little bit of “Rock Band” with the singing, a bit of role-playing game where you have to talk your way out of some douchebag trying to get into your pants, and you even get to ride a horse while trying to get away from some wolves. If you beat the game as Belle, you unlock the character of Beast where you get to play the game from the moment he is turned into the Beast. What more incentive do you need? Rated E for Everyone.


This would probably be the most realistic choice to turn into a game. I mean, can you imagine trying to get some information out of someone’s mind and then having to create your own world at the same time? You would have the choice of taking on one of the characters whether it is the architect, or the chemist, or maybe you would want to take on the main role and go feet-first into the dream, all while trying not to get caught by your dead wife who is looking to ruin your whole plan. This sounds like a good time, and who knows: Maybe the ending won’t be as cryptic as the movie. You might finally figure out if he is dreaming or not. Rated T for Teen due to violence, and strong language.

All Horror Movies Put Into One

This would be a million times better than “Mortal Kombat,” because you would be pitting villains like Jason against Chucky, and Freddy Kruger up against Hellraiser. The kinds of attacks that you would be able to come up would lead to some crazy combos, and even more ridiculous and bloody fatalities. There could even be some unlockable characters like that demon goat thing from Paranormal Activity. Rated M for Mature due to strong violence.

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