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Movies To See and Know Before You Watch The 2011 Oscars-Part Two

Oscar best actor nominees

Did you really think that part one was all of the movies that were nominated for best picture? Here are some more need-to-know movies before you watch the Oscars.

The King’s Speech

king's speech Oscar nominee

The King’s Speech was a movie that only played in selected theaters, so it was hard for a lot of people to see it. I had wanted to see this movie very badly, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t playing in a movie theater near me. Oh well, I guess Ill have to wait for it to come out on DVD. Here is what I know about the movie thus far. Basically, it’s about the future king of England, King George the VI, who was born with an awful speech impediment. Normally, Kings did not have to make speeches, but with the invention of the radio, and a war going on, he needed to make speeches to the general public. With the help from an Australian speech therapist, who uses very nontraditional methods, the King gains the ability to no long stammer when he speaks.

The Social Network

The social network Oscar nominee

The Social Network is basically the back-story behind the creation of Facebook. Two twin brothers attending Harvard ask Mark Zuckerberg if he will help develop their website, called The Harvard Connection. Instead, Zuckerberg  avoids the brothers and creates his own social networking site, The Facebook. His friend (the CFO of Facebook) who was helping Zuckerberg out financially to start the site, started an internship. As this was happening, Zuckerberg met the guy who invented Napster. This connection causes Zuckerberg to ditch his friend and leaves him in the dust. What develops is a double law suit against Zuckerberg. One is from the twin brothers who claim Zuckerberg stole their site idea, while the other is from his friend, who believes Zuckerberg broke their agreement. The audience is able to see all perspectives and learns the creation of Facebook. While this was a great movie and a lot of my friends liked it, I personally never cared to know how Facebook was made.

Winter’s Bone

Winter's Bone Oscar nominee

This is another random ass movie I never once heard about. Winter Bone is about a 17-year-old girl named Ree Dolly who is forced to provide for her family in Ozark Mountain, since her father is gone and her mother is suffering from depression. Ree finds out her father has disappeared on bail after using his family’s home for the bail money. Ree sets out to find her father before the court takes everything the family owns.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 Oscar nominee

All of my friends who saw this movie said they cried at the end. Andy is no longer a little kid and he is getting ready to leave for college. The toys are left questioning who is going to play with them now that Andy had grown up. Just when the toys think  they are going to have people to play with them after they’re donated to a local day care, they quickly realize their new life at the daycare is not what they expected or wanted it to be.

True Grit

True Grit Oscar nominee

True Grit was one of those movies I didn’t see, purely because I thought it looked way too scary. I’m a total puss when it comes to watching scary movies, though this movie seems more action-y than scary. Either way, here is pretty much the gist of the movie: Mattie Ross’s father was killed by a man who cannot be found anywhere, and the 14-year-old hires a mean lawman to help her find her fathers killer. Along with a Texas Ranger, the two set off into uncharted Indian territory to find her father’s killer. Check out The Campus Socialites True Grit Review.

127 Hours

127 Hours Oscar nominee

For some reason the title of this movie always causes me to forget what it’s about. It tells the story of a climber named Aron Ralston who falls while on an excursion by himself. With his arm pinned down by a boulder, he knows his only chance  of survival is to free his arm from the trap. While I heard this movie was amazing, seems a bit too gruesome for me.

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