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Best Late Night Munchies – Freddy’s in Delaware

It’s true, the drunk college student craves carbs. Carbs and grease. I don’t know why, but if you think about all your late-night food binges, I bet they all have some sort of bread and/or cheese factor. Most of the time, it’s pizza because it’s fast, it’s easy, and, obviously, it’s delicious. Although we do have some decent pizzerias by University of Delaware, they aren’t the hot spots for after-bar or after-party munchies.

That’s when you go to Freddy’s/Wings to Go, located on Main Street (surprise) on the way home for most of the off-campus kids. Freddy’s stays open until 2 a.m. during the week and 3 a.m. on Saturdays. I know all you non-Delaware students are thinking, “Whatever that’s early.” But in Delaware, the bars close at 1, so 2 or 3 for food is pretty decent. And what does Freddy’s have to offer? Everything. Delicious.

Once the bars close, Freddy’s gets packed. Glazed eyes and sloppy clothes can be spotted on any and all of the chairs and the tables are filled with bits of food as they fall out of the drunk college student’s mouths. The chip and drink selections quickly dwindles, so be aggressive. Luckily, Freddy’s makes their grub fast. I don’t think we’ve ever waited for more than 10 minutes for heaven on a cheesesteak roll.

This brings me to my favorite thing to order (first ordered upon force by one of my best friends…and I’ve never regretted this decision) a “chicken cheesesteak, Wings to Go style.” I’m not really sure what “Wings to Go style” means, but that’s not of your concern either. This sandwich is so good that I don’t even look at the menu anymore…there’s nothing else I could possibly want. If I go to Freddy’s, it’s for a chicken cheesesteak.

Even so, I’ve had their mozzerella sticks and their chicken wings, and I’ve never been disappointed. Well actually, once I was. We ordered nachos, and just chips with cheese came. What the fuck? Apparently if you want all the crazy toppings that define solid nachos, you have to order “garbage nachos.” Whoops, my bad. Don’t make the same mistake I did. The garbage nachos were so much better. They also have wraps, burgers, regular cheesesteaks…pretty much whatever you want.

The other pretty sweet thing about this late-night place is the option for food delivery. So if you were at a party and nowhere near Main Street – it can happen, Delaware’s small, but not that small – you can still be guaranteed satisfying food before you pass out. Here’s the catch: the delivery takes a long time to come. Because they get so busy inside, for them to get food outside just doesn’t seem like their priority.

You can make the process faster by calling ahead. If you know you want Freddy’s, call them while you’re still at the party, but when you’re thinking of leaving. Then you can meet them at your place when it’s time, and while you wait at the party you can still have another beer or two or three. Best of both worlds!

It’s funny because even though Freddy’s isn’t the bar or the party, you still run into so many people while waiting for your food. That’s yet another reason so many college students love this place. So it’s kind of like your second social wind of the night, but with the promise of killing your food craving and a bed (don’t know if it’s yours or someone else’s) to pass out on soon after.

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