by: Ann Redus (UTSA)

I, like many others, see music as the basis of my sanity. I have ridiculous amounts of albums on iTunes for every genre, every mood. However, it’s rare that I have a few albums that I keep on repeat (and have for months now). I have yet to get sick of them, and I’m sure my passengers appreciate it too, ha! So, I thought I’d share my opinion on some of the hottest albums out and some interesting news about the artists that I’m sure you didn’t already know. 

Lady GaGa

Her album, The Fame Monster (released back in November) is strange, enticing, and addicting. On the fourth song on her CD, “Speechless”, you hear a different side of GaGa. You hear a more powerful voice and it’s amazing. Her newest song to hit the radio scene, “Telephone,” featuring Beyonce is catchy, pop-ish and already on Billboard’s Hot 100 list at number 13. That is only, after her other hit song, “Bad Romance,” which is currently at number four. Her album has been on the charts for 69 weeks and it’s looking like it’s not going anywhere.

Did You Know?

On the cover over an upcoming issue of UK’s Q magazine, Lady GaGa poses topless and you might even notice the fake phallus tucked into her pants which is intended to poke fun at the rumors circulating the Internet that she is actually a man. I don’t believe it, but that issue will be out in April.


Now, this girl came out of NO WHERE. Literally, “Tik Tok,” came on the radio and all of a sudden this little 22 year old blonde chick from California is all over the place. Her single became the longest running number one debut single by a female artist since 1977. Good for her! I recently bought her CD, “Animal,” and I’m pretty much in love with the majority of the songs. Some, however, are just stupid. Her song entitled, “Dinosaur,” is about old men… not gonna lie it’s kind of funny. “Tik Tok” is currently at number 2 on the Billboard charts and her newest song featuring 3OH!3, “Blah Blah Blah,” is now at number eleven. Check out “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes,” and “Backstabber.” AWESOME.

Did you know?

At one time Paris Hilton and Ke$ha were friends… that is, until Ke$ha thought it would be a good idea to throw up in the heiresses closet? Yeah, true story. Apparently Ke$ha claims that that is when their friendship ended and that she doesn’t blame Hilton because, “I wouldn’t want to be my friend either.” Good to know.

Black Eyed Peas

My favorite! This album, The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) is SOOO good, and you can totally leave it on full loop! This is (seriously) one of those CDs where I can press play at the first song and just let it play all the way through. The Black Eyed Peas never fails to give their fans a CD that they can enjoy, but this surpassed all expectations I had. Right now I love, “Missing You,” and “Ring-a-Ling.” You definitely need to check them out! Currently, “Imma Be,” is at number one of the Billboard charts and “I Gotta Feeling,” is at number twenty. Their album has been on the charts for 37 weeks.

Did You Know?

One of my favorite celebrity bloggers, Perez Hilton, once had a bone to pick with the manager of the Black Eyed Peas. Apparently, he’s sued their manager for battery and emotional stress. Hilton once wrote a blog about the Black Eyed Peas, criticizing the group’s new album, and their manager, Polo Molina, “attacked” him for it. Hilton requested unspecified damages in excess of $25,000, including medical costs and damages due to “humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress.” Weak!

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