Must Have: The “I’m Getting Arrested” Android App

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If you manage to make it through 4 years of college without ever having to sit in the back of a cop car, you’re either the craftiest Motherfucker I know, or you’re doing something wrong. Getting arrested happens, no big deal. You’ll skip the bars for a week, pay your ticket and life will go on with an awesome story to share with the world. However, nobody wants to sit in jail over night and that one call you have could very easily be to a cellphone sitting on your boy’s floor while he’s passed out in his own puke. The good news? There’s an App for that.

i'm getting arrested app

The App was inspired by Occupy Wall Street where people have been arrested without warning and for no reason. You may not be wearing a Drug Rug, and sitting Indian Style in the middle of a park, but when a cop just happens to pull you over with that Ounce of Weed sitting in your glove box, you’ll get just as much use out of it. The beauty of “I’m Getting Arrested” is that it sends a text message you set to a group of any number of people that you customize. You’re girlfriend, you’re best friend, you’re not-so-best friend that happens to have a lot of money. Parents? Yeah, maybe not.

i'm being arrested

When the App is open, a target appears on the screen and with one click, the text is sent to all of your set contacts. “I’m getting arrested” works. Also, “Holy Fuck I’m Being Arrested!” or “Oh Shit, There’s A Nightstick Up My Ass!” That last one is for reasons of urgency. It’s only available on Android as of now, but for you iPhone 4S people, I suppose Siri could do the same thing. Either way, Great Fucking Idea, must have for anyone planning on going out, or driving, or leaving their house. One phone call? No thanks officer, I just texted the news to 20 different people. Now if only I wasn’t piss drunk with all of them 15 minutes ago.

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