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By Rock Comedian Brian Smith

When I graduated college, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. The economy was in shambles, my friends started working dead-end jobs, and I was never a “yes-man.” I could exercise my political science degree and go to law school to avoid the inevitable; but loans didn’t sound too appealing to me, especially after my parents were kind enough to save as much money as they could to send me to college far from New Jersey. I kept asking myself, “What was I really good at?” Unfortunately drinking doesn’t pay the bills… If there is a way to make steady income consuming mass amounts of alcohol, I promise loyal socialites, I will certainly fill you in on the secret ASAP. I’m such a giver… (Ladies)

So how could I make enough money to afford my lavish lifestyle of drinking Jack Daniels and PBR’s until the sun comes up? I realized the only way I could continue “living the dream” was to pick up my guitar and start writing songs based on my own college experiences. Over a two month span, I compiled an albums worth of ten comedic tales in song and sketch format entitled My College Life. “The Binge Drinker” is the culmination of my college years. In this classic, rock tune, I discuss everything from my parents paying for me to party my way through college, while learning all the important life lessons associated with drinking every night until blackout. After a ton of praying and a little help from my friends at, I managed to make rock comedy a career, taking my tunes and sketches to the college audience on the 2010 Blitz and Beatz Tour. If you’re anything like me, and “start boozin’ at 11 AM, wake up tomorrow do it over again,” then you’ll certainly enjoy this little tune.

*Enjoy “The Binge Drinker” with a glass of Jack Daniels and a Pabst Blue Ribbon!*

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