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by: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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When you think of Gyptian, what comes to mind? I hope you aren’t thinking the country located in the continent of Africa because this Jamaican Reggae artist is taking on the world by storm!

Born Windell Edwards, Gyptian has been on the music scene since 2005, however his first album “My name is Gyptian” was released in 2006 and included tunes such as “Mama” and “Serious Times”. His sophomore album “I can feel your pain”, released just two short years ago earned him some good street credit because he always stayed true to his conscious roots but this time, with more of an R&B flow to it.

Do not get it twisted, if you listen to some of his lyrics, he speaks of the struggles with the youth and some of the problems Jamaica is going though. Gyptian also has a sensual side as well with some of his bedroom lyrics Gyptian is back stronger than ever. He has been making appearances left and right in the Eastern region of the country to promote not an album but a song that is getting extreme air play entitled “Hold Yuh”. The fact that this song has such a simplicity to it with the drums and piano is very seductive and enticing. Released officially by VP records earlier this month, “Hold Yuh” climbed up the charts and is sitting at the number 2 spot in the Billboard Reggae Charts. It also started getting crazy airplay in New York Radio Stations such as Hot 97 and Power 105.1 This song is also featured on the album compilation Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2010

This week, he has been going back and forth between New York, New Jersey and Conecticut making appearances in locations such as CIC, Webster Hall, Palace and even Caribbean City. Witnessing him at Caribbean City felt like a concert. The early warms and vibes with the Reggae and Soca was courtesy of Soca DJ D-Life and Jabba (one half of Massive B) from Hot 97. Gyptian’s presence was like none other, very grateful and happy to be where he was at to perform for his designated audience. His voice is as crisp as the way you hear it on his albums with heart and soul, most of all passion. One wouldn’t know that just a few short hours ago, he was giving a mini performance at Quo Nightclub. He started his medley with “I can feel your pain”. He then had his audience singing along to “Serious Times” and “Beautiful Lady”.  He ended off his mini-concert medley with the popular “Hold Yuh” and gracefully exited. This Reggae croon gave his all in his performance having the audience wanting more. With this song being first heard last year over the summer, it was a matter of time before it was going to hit the airwaves the way its doing now.

To support Gyptian and the #GyptianHoldYou movement, follow VP Records on Twitter @VPRecords. You can purchase the song on iTunes or the Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2010 album on VP Records.

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