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I often find myself guilty of waxing nostalgic and discussing outdated trends and items that cause others to respond with phrases like “Dude, why are you living in the Stone Age?” or “That was so 2004.”  One such instance was my recent hangup with Motorola RAZR phones and legitimate belief that they could challenge the iPhone or Blackberry for mobile supremacy.  Other outrageously old school favorites of mine include adidas Samba sneakers, AOL 6.0, and the WWF Attitude Era.  Of all of these fads and here today, gone tomorrow phenomenons nothing captivated the planet’s youth quite like the social networking giant, MySpace.  But, as such is the tragic fate of so many flash in pan concepts, MySpace was tossed aside like yesterday’s trash in favor of the sexier, more stylish Facebook and the pecking order has remained that way ever since.   After falling off the map even further with the meteoric rise of Twitter, MySpace decided that it was time to take action and with the help of BBH Advertising, the once great site is attempting to make the comeback of the new decade.

Joint president’s of MySpace Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn have both said that morale in the company is at an all time low – but they have a new website idea and design that they hope will win back followers. By focusing on music and media, MySpace is hoping to once more, be king of the castle.

Enter BBH Advertising and their wealth of creative knowledge and social media accumen.  The minds over at Bartle, Bogle, and Hegarty have pooled their collective resources and brainpower to create a MySpace fan video.  By utilizing the popularity of Facebook and allowing visitors to sign into their site with their Facebook name and password (or their MySpace info),  this unique venture encourages users  to create a video that puts them in the spotlight with their favorite celebrities.

In my personalized video, I find myself as the object of artistic affection for my favorite hip-hop icon and denomination of loose change, 50 Cent.  Take a look below at how MySpace fuses the appeal of Hollywood with an individualized touch unique to each and every member.  With campaigns like these, it would be no surprise to see MySpace climb back to the ranks of the big boys of social networking in the very near future.

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