Na Palm Drops His New Podcast “Electronic Chronic”

Campus Socialite is proud to share with you our newest musical pleasure that is “Electronic Chronic” podcast. The host of this amazing showcase of EDM with rap lyrics over it is our favorite EDMC artist Nā Palm. You will remember our boy Nā Palm as being the headliner for Blitz and Beatz last year, where he murdered lives while making people dance like they found some chick named Molly. Nā Palm and his team are overwhelmed with excitement because this is a first-of-its-kind podcast series that is going to change the way you listen to music. House Music being conducted by an MC has never been meshed on two sets of continuous music like Nā Palm, DJ Martinson, and the master producer/DJ Bad Boy Bill, have done. The first half of the podcast is being conducted by Nā Palm and spun by DJ Martinson and the second half will be a brand new special guest every episode. Lyrically-infused EDM bangers will be hitting the masses all summer long! To commemorate the launch, Nā Palm’s team is giving away merch from and USB drives with the first podcast downloaded and you can win by tweeting: “@CampusSocialite @NaPalmLive @djBadBoyBill #ElectronicChronic podcast is here! 1hr 13mins of non-stop progressive Hip-House bangers!

So get out your rave sticks and pacifiers Nā Palm is about the drop the heat… take a listen for yourself!!!