National Star Wars Day: 10 Best Star Wars Inspired Viral Videos

Even though society failed at creating a Jediism religion, we did manage to agree on May 4th being recognized as Star Wars Day.  To celebrate, the good folks at The Campus Socialite bring you 10 of the best Star Wars videos we could find on YouTube. Ignore the disturbance in the force while you check these out.

Star Wars Kid

You can’t help but be jealous of this kid’s kickass Jedi skills. He didn’t hit the camera or himself once. That’s impressive.


Hot Girls w/ Light sabers

Okay, so we added this because it’s every guy’s fantasy … and possibly every girl’s too.


Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

“Life is hard when you’re Darth Vader’s less charismatic, less talented brother who manages a grocery store.” We thought it couldn’t be that bad … until we watched this video.


ImprovEverywhere Star Wars Subway Car

For a New Yorker and avid subway rider, I tend to miss out on all the good entertainment happening on public transportation. I only get the loud high school kids and the annoying drunks. It seems like even Princess Leia can’t get a break on her daily commute. By the way, stuff gets real at 1:13.


Star Wars According to a 3 year old

She does in three minutes what George Lucas took six films to do. Never mind the editing, just pay attention to how cute and insightful she is.


Star Wars Gang Fight

When getting your ass kicked by a bunch of guys, you should always pull out your light saber. Always.


Storm Trooper at Work

Even storm troopers have nagging wives at home.


Concrete Hustle Lightsaber duel

Do you need any more proof that you shouldn’t wear crocs to a light saber fight?


Star Wars Gangsta Rap

The rapping is not exactly comparable to Lil’ Wayne or P. Diddy, but I think Yoda basically kills this (in a good way) around the :30 mark.


Grocery Store Wars

“Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away…”

It’s not your local Whole Foods, Wegmans or Publix, but you have to agree on how awesome this is.


Happy Star Wars Day, socialites! May the 4th be with you and beware of the fifth.

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