The Comprehensive 2011-12 Guide To The NBA on Social Media via Peter Robert Casey

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Despite all the Lebron-related nonsense of the 10-11 season, the 11-12 NBA season might be the most anticipated in Basketball history. Players have been moving from team to team like Sorority girls at a Frat Party, Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace, and a lockout shortened season means a whole lot of action in a relatively short period of time. As an admitted late 90’s, out-of-market Bulls fan, I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited since Michael Jordan gave up on Baseball.

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A season of this kind of competitive magnitude means story lines, story lines, and more story lines. Everyday changes in momentum, every day new drama, and every day something to talk about. You sure as hell can’t watch every game so the only way t0 keep up with the chatter is to make Social Media your bitch. That’s why Peter Robert Casey has published the 2011-12 NBA SOCIAL MEDIA INDEX.

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I must have just followed 20 new accounts in the last 5 minutes, a personal record (1st day on Twitter not withstanding). This guide literally has every single Twitter account, every single blog, and every single beat writer associated with NBA basketball. That means every single piece of NBA-related information that enters anyone associated with the league’s knowledge could be your information within minutes. These days, being a sports fan isn’t just about being able to argue. It’s about being able to compete. Here are all the tools you need to be Bar Stool champ, and I’m not talking about the blog.

Check out the 2011-12 NBA SOCIAL MEDIA INDEX right here

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