Neal Strauss's The Game: 5 Years Later And What You Can Do To Improve

Neil Strauss’s book, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists” was and still is an awesome edition to any guy’s collection of books that might now be piling up dust on your shelf.  If you recall the show on MTV titled The Pick Up Artist, featured a character that went by the alias Mystery (a star in the PUA world).  Mystery is recognized as the knowledgeable alpha male who flaunts his grade A tactics and picks up gorgeous females in any type of social situation. Although this was one of the gayest shows on T.V., these poor saps who couldn’t for the life of them empirically start a conversation with a potential lay, were in fact actually successful.  The ends really did justify the means. TSB Magazine has just enlightened all us dudes, whose dicks are in fact as dry as a desert, on some fantastic techniques that have been derived fromStrauss’s bible-esque book.  Looking back, this book accounts for the success of some of the most successful pick up artists around the world.

Some of the techniques for getting the tip wet, for those of you who have been out of “The Game” for a while are:

The Best Friend Test – A little test that will convince 2 women that you’re a genius

The Cube Routine – Encourage the girl into using the imagination to pick her up

PUA Openers – Find out what PUA actually means if you don’t know already

Aright enough teasing bitches, just check out TSB Magazine and if you’re a dude who hasn’t added “The Game” to their collection, do yourself a favor and get rid of that flappy patch that used to be a penis and at least skim through the light read. You might be smoking too much of that devil’s lettuce, but it doesn’t mean you’re illiterate.

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