Need DUI Consultation? Don’t Hire a Lawyer. Hire The DUI Guys (Video)

 dui guys

Let’s face it: shit happens. If you got pulled over for a little routine swerving, and just so happened to have had 4 shots of Patron and a Bong Rip within the last couple of hours, nobody can blame you. Just kidding, Socialites. In no way does this blog condone drunk driving, or would in any way suggest ways for you to get out of trouble for drunk driving. In fact, Fuck You for thinking that. Regardless, this video is really funny. Why hire a lawyer when you can just hire two guys who have gotten more DUI tickets then they can count. They’ll tell you exactly what to do, in any circumstance, and for much cheaper than a lawyer. What more do you need? On second thought, please hire a lawyer, but watch this video too. It’s funny, and that’s all i’m saying about the subject.

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