Never Miss A Beat With The Audio Bulbs From GiiNii

We all love listening to our music, but when you’re hurting for space you can’t really bring your awesome speakers with you to college. Well, the awesome people over at GiiNii have combined speakers with something that everybody needs: light bulbs. These Audio Bulbs wirelessly play music from your iPod or iPhone from wherever you screw these things in, and you can even dim and brighten the lights to match the mood. Confuse your parents, impress your friends, and set the mood for a sexy night by using just one remote.


You can get up to 8 of these (working on two channels) in one area. Instead of running wires from your bedroom into the lounge, you could just walk from room to room without missing a single lyric. It’s going to cost you a hefty amount of cash though, so why don’t you ask for these bulbs for the Holidays.

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