New Casino and World-Class Sports Complex At Nassau Coliseum

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This morning, The Campus Socialite attended the press conference at the charmingly dilapidated Nassau Coliseum. Maybe not charming. If you live on Long Island, or go to college at Hofstra or Adelphi, you know that the Nassau Coliseum would be a poor excuse for a High School Football Stadium, let alone the home of a “Professional” Hockey team in The New York Islanders. The fact that the word “Coliseum” is the noun chosen to represent that piece of garbage is an assault upon the English language. Owner Charles Wang and Long Island politicians have been trying to pass a project that will turn the complex into one with actual stature for years, Now it looks they’ve finally done it, and for local college students, this is huge news.

You should have seen the shit-show Socialites! On one side of the arena was probably 100 construction workers chanting “Build It Now” for almost the entire 30 minutes that it took the speakers to get on stage (You can kinda see it in the picture below but unfortunately we had a retard manning the camera). The idea of course is that a 400 million dollar construction project is going to require a shit load of work, and subsequently, create a shit load of jobs for blue-collar county employees. Good for them, and good for us as well. The rest of the crowd was mostly Islander fans. I feel as sorry for them as the out of work construction dudes.


Ed Mangano, the country executive spoke first, in some much needed detail about the project. Basically the way it will work is taxpayer money will be used to foot the initial multi-million dollar bill. However, instead of donors, taxpayers will be entered into the project as investors. A percentage of every dollar of revenue made at the new complex will be returned to the taxpayer. This revenue sharing program allows the County to recoup all initial citizen investment, and make sure that citizens get a piece of the action beyond the money they originally put up. To quote Mangano: “The intention is not to cost the tax-payer one single dime.” The secondary intention is to make people believe that The Islanders are a legitimate sports franchise.

The project is not in the works just yet. The final say is being put up to residents in the form of a county wide vote. If the majority say yes, and it’s looking like they will, construction can start in 2012. One of the hardest things was getting Charles Wang, owner and CEO of the Islanders and Kate Murray, Town of Hempstead Supervisor to agree on a project. Well, they were both on stage today, and as far as this particular project goes (after a very long string of failures), they are both in agreement.


So fuck all that technical shit, what does this mean for us? And by us I mean the guys and gals looking for a party. With the small exceptions of Rockville Centre and Huntington Village, there is no cool bar scene on Long Island…Hofstra Included. Last time I went to Dizzy Lizards, I thought I was going to die of Spray Tan Vapor Intoxication. Sorry Hofstra. You know you go to the city when you really want to party. But if this project goes through, not only will there be a giant hub with legit sports complexes, but a casino in Belmont too.

Belmont is kind of a trek of course, but for a fucking casino! You’ll make the trip. Just imagine a place, practically in your backyard, that you can literally drink, party, fuck, and gamble at all night. Could Hofstra University become the next Top Party School? Probably not, but hey, they can at least make a fucking run. Adelphi and Nassau can join in too.


The main reason nobody cool lives in, comes to, or parties on Long Island is because there is literally nothing to see or do. But if a world-class sports complex and casino down the road get thrown into the mix, you can bet that everything around will it will grow too. Restaurants, bars, street food. All the things that make living in an actual college town great. Nice going Long Island. Maybe now I won’t be embarrassed that I’ve spent 21 years of my life here.


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