New Hipsterific Colors For Beats By Dre

beats by dre purple

Beats by Dre brought studio quality headphones to the casual music listener/wannabe DJ. If you happen to have $350 laying around to blow on headphones. The sleek black with red trim look is perfect for head-bobbing to some Lil Wayne, strolling through the dorms or sitting and reading The Campus Socialite. But the next logical step, after targeting the Rap crowd, is targeting the Hipster crowd. Retro is in and today Beats By Dre released 6 new Hipsterific colors. You might wanna ask Starbucks for a raise.

beats by dre colors

To be fair, the new colors aren’t just for hipsters. They’re actually pretty sick. As you can see from the above picture, they run the gamut from a Sleek-As-Fuck navy blue to a flaming fuchsia pink. Maybe those are ones you get your girlfriend for her birthday. On second though, just get her some flowers. There’s a Red Sox addition too, kinda random considering Dre is from LA and the Sox just had one of the worst pre-playoff collapses in Baseball history. Put some Pinstripes on those things and we’ll talk.

If you’ve waited this long to grab yourself a pair, you’re suffering was not in vain. The only thing cooler than a pair of badass studio headphones is a pair of badass studio headphones that matches your shoes. Right? Grab yourself a pair right here.

Like Beats? Check Out This Video For Par-City’s “Love This Way”:


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