New Service DJtxt Allows Your Friends to DJ Your Party

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How many times have you been to a Frat party, where the social chair who organized this little mixer, with the hot blonde Sorority, forgot to handle the music situation?  Attempting to think quickly, he throws his iPod on, because of course he has all the cool music; old 50 cent albums, Eminem, some Ludacris. Dude hasn’t updated his ipod since LeBron’s rookie year.  The party becomes a pre-bar, instead of the pre-bar becoming the party.  When it comes to throwing a successful party, music is just as important as alcohol.  Enter “DJtxt”. Now, instead of having all your friends at the party battle over whose iPod is better (the modern day dick measuring contest) , now you can let everyone pick the beats from this great new hack service. Find out more and check out the video, after the jump!

Simply visit the website, add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks, surf over to Grooveshark, and click on said bookmark. From there, you can either control the playlist via SMS (by texting !demo and ‘Your Name’, and then text song requests), Twitter (by tweeting @djtxtme ‘Song Request’ #demo), or e-mail (!demo ‘Your Name’ to  You can then add songs to the playlist, and skip those you dislike by texting “skip” (texting “oops” will cancel a request).

There are freemium and premium versions, but this hack works pretty well with various different music providing apps, and is worth giving a shot at a party.  Might even get the chicks a little more into the action if they get to recommend the music.  I’ll throw down to some Britney Spears and Glee tracks if it gets me a boobie feel.

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