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By Claire Makley

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With spring semester only a few weeks away, the focus shifts to your upcoming schedule.  New Years always motivates an optimistic attitude and since you are in college, maybe going to class isn’t such a bad idea. While you’re being that ambitious, don’t be afraid to sign up for the quirky classes either (sorry, Bio-Chems, these fun electives are lost on your dreadful schedule. Have fun with circuits!).

Guy & girl in class

Guys, we all know the attendance ratio for Women’s Studies. And Screen Bodies- that ambiguous cinema elective you’ve always wondered about- is sure to include some “foreign films.” Sure, History of the Feminist Movement has its fair share of crotchety vegans and multi-pierced lesbians (not to typecast in any way), but you’re just credits away from having that ménage-á-trois schoolboy fantasy fulfilled.

Unfortunately, ladies, this does not reciprocate as well as it should. Branching out and taking History of Dinosaurs will not bring you closer to meeting men. Or at least the ones you want to meet. This advice should be taken very seriously for students at Georgetown and Santa Clara; their course listings include gems like Philosophy of Star Trek and The Joy of Garbage. So proceed with caution. Trekkie conventions and hoarding therapies are only a few steps away.

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