New York Multimedia Pop Artist Insures His Own Nuts

Editor’s Note: Upon further investigation, and with the assistance of some fine individuals across the Internet, we’ve discovered that Chad Love-Lieberman is a fraud, taking other people’s art from the web, touting it as his own, and worst of all – selling it for profit. Let it be known that we don’t condone any of his actions, and this article is basically factually wrong in every way. Sorry about that folks.

PS: If you know the original artists in these pieces, please feel free to send us an e-mail so we can be sure to put their names on the art (where it belongs) and link to THEM instead. Thanks for understanding!

chad love lieberman

Chad Love-Lieberman, is a self-proclaimed Multimedia Pop Artist. He is a painter, a social media expert, a pop artist (he’s not really any of those things), and the owner of That’s all cool and good, but Chad is one more thing too. He is officially the owner of a pair of testicles, now insured for $1.4 Million. Is this dude crazy or just the man. See for yourself. Thanks to South Florida Chronicle for the story.

ronald mcdonald

I did a little research on Chad, and it turns out he is actually an awesome artist (actually, he’s not an artist). As you can see from above, he’s got some friends in pretty big places too. Dude seems like the real deal (he’s a fraud). When asked about the decision, Chad said ”Look, I am a pop artist. I follow the trends in media. I see what these celebrities are doing, and it just made sense to do. Being a successful pop artist is more than just what I tangibly create on canvas but just as important what I project to society. I wanted to protect one of the most important parts of my body. God forbid something happened to one of them.” The policy will cost him $800 a month (the lawsuit will cost him far more than that).

marilyn monroe

Fair enough. Amazingly, upon further research, Chad’s ball policy might not be the weirdest thing ever insured either. The company providing the insurance, Lloyd’s of London, has apparently been insuring individual body parts for years. You might even call it their specialty. Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Heidi Klum all have their legs insured. Dolly Parton has her legendary boobs, and Gene Simmons has his even more legendary tongue. In fact, I’m calling them right now to inquire about my fingers. My left and right index are of the most importance.


Cigar City by JJasso

Anyway, Chad apparently places a lot of importance on his balls like any man should, and with something so delicate, there’s always the possibility of danger. If I were him though, I’d focus more on my painting hand (makes sense that he wouldn’t care about that, because he doesn’t actually paint). Like I said, the dude is a strikingly talented artist (nope). Every image in this article is his creative work, and there are even better ones on the site (he didn’t “create” any of this artwork). Check out for some of the coolest paintings and graphics you’ve ever seen. Perfect for your beer pong room, and trying to convince that artsy girl you’re trying to hit that you’re cultured beyond Mexican Beer. Make sure to throw in that the artist has his balls insured for $1.4 Million. Should be a nice conversation piece.

chad love lieberman

chad love lieberman

“I Don’t Know” By ArchanN

chad pic

By Ursula Vernon (

chad love lieberman

Sleeping with Ghosts 2 by CatClawCut

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