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Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to Mos Jef’s weekly Holy Lost! recaps, I am led to believe that The Campus Socialite is home to a shit ton of Lost fanatics who salivate at the thought of a new episode on ABC each Tuesday evening.  Just typing the words “new” and “Lost” gets my junk all riled up and the thought of all of our series long questions finally be answered in this final season drives me wilder than Richard Simmons on pure 100% Columbian cocaine.  I am so pumped about each successive episode of Lost, that the thought of it all coming to an end has not really sunken in as I, like many of you, am just enjoying the ride while it lasts.  Much to my dismay, I read today that for many Losties the island’s story may come to an abrupt ending before the final chapter is written.  For Cablevision subscribers living in the New York area, you currently have a little over 100 hours until the plugged is pulled on ABC7 on March 7th.  You are safe for tonight’s episode, “Sundown,” however next week you may be scrambling to find a friend with DIRECTTV or Verizon Fios if you want to see Jack struggle with his daddy issues or jungle woman Claire axe handle smash another poor son of a bitch.

Don’t let Cablevision Chairman James Dolan and his fat cat cronies ruin Lost (and all your other ABC favorites) like he did the once proud New York Knicks franchise.  Log onto and see how you can help TV’s greatest sci-fi drama from being a “Lost” cause in New York (pun totally intended).  Let’s fight the man and protect the island.

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