back to the future shoes

Nike is Making Back To The Future II Self-Lacing Sneakers For Real

back to the future shoes

It’s 2011 and we’re just 4 years away from 2015. We don’t have hoverboards, or flying cars, or giant holographic sharks and we still very much need roads. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have self-lacing shoes, says Nike. It’s been 2 decades since Back to The Future II showed audiences the future, and if just one of their space-age predictions could be brought to fruition, I’ll take it.

Nike just brought the future directly to us with this video teasing their new line of sneakers, MAG. Their mysterious Back To The Future themed release party first raised suspicions of a futuristic sneaker, but this video all but confirms it. Everything social and technological in our lives has been streamlined. Now lacing our shoes will be too.

Will normal people actually wear these shoes or is this destined to be just another Hipster trend? Who knows? All I can hope is that the Hoverboard and Flying Car people will finally get off their asses and make shit happen. I’ll be patient. Check out the teaser video below.


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