No More Sketchy Meetups: This Buy/Sell App Puts Student Safety At The Forefront

We can all agree that campus safety is a top concern for many new and returning students. In a 2021 study, more than 82% of college students reported feeling concerned about their personal safety as they returned to campus. According to students, even common activities of campus life make them feel unsafe, like being in an unfamiliar area (82%), interacting with strangers (78%), walking home in the dark (74%), or leaving a bar or party alone (65%).

One safety factor we often overlook is when we are using online marketplaces to buy and trade which is not always the safest option. In 2021 thousands of Facebook Marketplace listings and profiles broke the company’s rules and  failed to safeguard users. Schools should be a safe place for students and marketplace apps such as Mijem, a local campus and community buy-sell marketplace that’s more than its products.

With Mijem, Campus-centric community features help connect Gen Z students and give them a place to share what they care about.  Mijem makes it easy to post an event, look for a tutor, arrange a rideshare or find a roommate, all while earning points with a BSV Loyalty program. The unique loyalty program allows users to not only earn points on every transaction, but convert those points to Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, and ultimately cash! Mijem also set up a student peer-to-peer review system that helps build trusted networks, putting student safety at the forefront.

Here’s how Mijem is working to protect students using the app to buy, sell and trade amongst themselves, with convenience and safety:

  1. Verification: Members can review profiles and reviews left by other students and validate who they are and what to expect.
  2. Meetups: Sellers can arrange to meet up at a safe space on campus or ship their items via post if they are not comfortable meeting in person.
  3. Direct Messaging: Buyers/Sellers can exchange messages with each other without the need to give away their phone number or email. Direct messaging allows them to build comfort before closing a deal.

No more scary meetings with strangers far away from campus. Mijem connects real people to establish trusted communities while taking the necessary steps to ensure safety for students looking for things to do on the weekend, find a rideshare, participate in events with other students, save money, and split the gas bill.

Download the Mijem app, available for both IOS and Android and create an account today to safely earn money and enjoy campus life, risk free.

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