No Time to Explain: First Impressions

Let’s take some time to explain No Time to Explain. Sometimes, a man’s only friend is his laser cannon jet-pack; in these instances, his only adversary his himself from the future.

Indie Credibility

This title shows the staying power of indie games and their developers. The entire project is tinyBuildGame’s first release, and the effort only involved two designers. It is pretty amazing that this whole adventure was constructed solely by Tom Brien and Alex Nichiporchick.

When it was originally released on Newgrounds in 2011, it became an icon of modern 2D platform gaming. The humorously explosive action combines with rapid paced strategizing to deliver a marvelously one-of-a-kind experience. The full version was recently uploaded to Steam for a generous price of $4.99.

Crazy Physics

The weapon’s versatility is worthy of awe and admiration. Unlocking modifications is a serious delight. Countless expansions culminate in a seductive shotgun! While developers are amping up all of the bells and whistles for a major console release, one can only hope that they will include an explanation this time. So far, every time players catch up with the future version of themselves, a catastrophic diversion occurs before the truth is divulged.

Most of the physics in this game rely on manipulating gravity with varying mechanisms of propulsion. This game brings new technology to old school charm. The retro wonder is often nail-bitingly difficult, but other moments are simply laugh-out-loud hilarious. There are a lot of paradoxes and alternate time lines. It is a fascinatingly complex journey through an endless loop.

As the name implies, this game’s action is intensely fast-paced. Players hop around at maximum pace, but dangers are always lurking. The boss fights are brutally insane.

Major Popularity

This title clearly has enduring popularity. It has expanded a great deal from the original Flash post. A Kickstarterpage was started to promote a major console release. The creators received $26,000 for the project, which vastly exceeded their original goal of $7,000. The maker of Minecraft even personally contributed $2,000! Overall, the work was 372% funded with a total of 2,052 backers.

The exact release date of a console version has not been confirmed, but the world eagerly awaits this revolutionary gaming event. A lot of trippy calamity has already ensued, so the climactic conclusion is really going to be something special.

Final Assessment

This is one of the fanciest platform games ever made. The animation is maniacally rapid, and the frame rate is seamlessly smooth every second. It takes a lot of patience to master the art of shooting that gravity gun in exact ways.

The controls are a lot of fun, and handling can be figured out within minutes. Still, it will take hours to fine-tune those flying skills. Supreme simplicity truly makes this game a romp that everyone can enjoy!

These hijinks could go on for all eternity. No Time to Explain is definitely worthy of a sequel or two. Gamers around the world are hoping that the time traveling go on forever!

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