NOHO: Rage All Night, Still Hit Class The Next Day

Still recovering from the weekend socialites? Whether you took too many keg stands at your frat party, split that bottle at the pregame or took too many shots at the bar; we’re sure you had one if not three hangovers this weekend. If you didn’t, then you probably weren’t partying hard enough and we recommend you transfer to a different school. Our team at the Socialite certainly would have been feeling a hangover this weekend after hitting the Atlantic City Beer Fest. (always bet black)  Luckily we didn’t feel like shit which was rare and instead loaded up on some NOHO- The Hangover Defense to prevent hangovers.

NOHO is a hangover preventive supplement also called ‘the drink before you drink,” that helps you wake up the next morning after a night of heavy drinking hangover free. NOHO comes in a two shot combination. The first shot is to be taken before your first drink and the second when you get home. Basically the concept is simple, drink one shot before you get drunk and one shot when you get home. NOHO than loads your body up with vitamins and minerals that help process the alcohol in your system to prevent that dreaded hangover. Forget the science behind this awesome product, drink a 2 oz shot before you get loaded and you can drink as much jungle juice as you want while functioning the next day hangover free. Take it from the pros, we tried it and it works! That’s why NOHO gets the Campus Socialite stamp of approval. Look out for NOHO on a campus near you and we’re sure if you’re a true socialite you’re going to need it.