Notorious BIG Tribute: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos

notorious big

Today marks the anniversary of a sad event for rap fans, music fans, and all Americans. On March 9th 1997, an elite and timeless rapper named Biggie Smalls (or Notorious BIG) was shot and killed while stopped at a red light after a party in Los Angeles. To this day there is still speculation as to who committed the heinous crime, and even more speculation as to who orchestrated it. Most believe it had something to do with the precursory murder of fellow rapper Tupac. Both murders are thought to stem from violent tension between East Coast rappers like Smalls and West Coast rappers like Tupac. Even though, this is as much a day for sorrow as any, we here at The Campus Socialite don’t do sad. Rather than mourn, we aim to celebrate the life of a great artist and even greater icon. Here’s our pick for Notorious BIG’s Top 5 music videos. Enjoy Socialites, RIP Biggie.

Juicy (1994)

Big Poppa (1995)

Party and Bullshit (1993)

Hypnotize (1997)

Player’s Anthem (1996)

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