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Here at The Campus Socialite, we rarely ever discuss men’s style. Skinny jeans, long tees, cardigans — it’s pretty much a given that we accept you men just as you are, but this girl here is curious about your taste in footwear. Are you the guy who rocks Vans, Nikes or American Eagle flip flops? Any of you frat guys walk around in Sperrys all day? Whatever your footwear preference, what do you think about those jester-style boots Mexican men are wearing? Click on if you don’t know what I’m referring to.

Nothing says, “Don’t get too close”  than boots with a 2-feet pointed bedazzled tip. Men in the Mexican town of Matehuala are starting a trend of sequined cowboy boots with tips so long they sometimes curl up to one’s knees. The tips are made out of plastic foam that are attached to cowboy boots. The extensions cost 400 pesos, which is equivalent to $34. Other men who can’t afford the extensions fashion their own out of garden hoses. How resourceful!  The men mostly wear them to the disco, where troupes compete in dance offs. If I ever saw a guy wearing these boots, I’d run in the other direction assuming he was wielding a weapon. Men, would you wear these boots?

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