Open Source: The Affordable Future of College Textbooks (Infographic)

open source college textbooks

One thing that isn’t discussed often enough is all the ways college students get ripped off by the system. Whether it’s paying thousands of dollars for a Degree that has no intrinsic worth, or being outright scammed by student loans, the powers at be know how to take advantage of a population desperate for job opportunities, and willing to pay. The best example of this would have to be textbooks. Question: would you buy a $10,000 Rolex if it’s re-sale value the very next day would be $1,000? Wouldn’t make much sense, would it? Yet somehow, we spend thousands of dollars on textbooks, just to accept the scraps the bookstore offers at the end of the semester. Then next semester they sell the book they bought back for you at %10 of worth, at full retail price. Whether it’s you or your parents paying, you are being taken advantage of. Until now. The future is digital and textbooks will follow suit. With Open Source, a revolutionary concept in textbook purchase and management, students can now save huge amounts of money on the unfortunate necessity that is textbooks. Check out this infographic from Online Schools for more info, after the jump…

open source


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