Opportunity and Excitement Rule the Day at the Second Annual Kairos Global Summit

Saturday, April 17th 2010 – a monumental day for all those who possess the entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on innovation.  4/17/10 will forever be recognized as a memorable experience for all parties involved in Second Annual Kairos Global Summit. As dozens upon dozens of selected students from all corners of the globe gathered in front of the New York Stock Exchange on the corner of Wall Street and Broad Street in downtown New York City, a signature moment awaited these individuals on the floor of the world’s financial center where only the creme de la creme are permitted.  As these college students filed in one by one and entered into a marble floored elevator, they embarked upon a journey into a society that welcomes all those with the character, potential and vision to have a first hand look in to the future of their world and the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome to the Second Annual Kairos Global Summit, where the leaders of today are united with the luminaries of tomorrow.

In today’s society, innovation and technology seem to be booming nonstop, 24 hours and 7 days a week.  With our economy in shambles and the unemployment rate at an all time high, there is no better time for an event like the Kairos Global Summit to take place. After successfully joining some of the top executives and venture capitalists from around the world with future leaders of our generation under one roof, it is no wonder why Kairos Society Founder and President Ankur Jain, has created a world exclusively for members of elite entrepreneurial circles.  It is certainly an exhibition that has only just begun and has a long road ahead to grow exponentially.

By being cordially invited to the Kairos Global Summit, an entrepreneur has been given the key to enter a world unknown to the common, everyday college student.  With guests such as  former CEO and Chairman of Boeing Corp., Phil Condit, Founder of Fast Company Magazine, Alan Webber, Founder of Atari Inc. & Chuckie Cheese Pizza Time Theaters, Nolan Bushnell, and former White House Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Admiral William Owens, the Summit has become synonymous with prestige and class.

During the event, students had the chance to attend various board room meetings with business leaders and absorb information that will help guide and pave the way for a brighter future not only in their growing or already established businesses, but also in their personal lives.  Speakers offered up knowledge that will teach young and ambitious businesspeople about themselves and how to break the mold and push beyond the “tipping point.”

From the looks of it one would think these entrepreneurs covered every area of the business world.  Some of the exciting student ventures to keep your eyes on include Sole Bicycles, The SLIZ, BPG Motors, PurBlu Beverages Inc, Skillter, ShuffleChat, Diat Concpets LLC, IQ Golf, Wasabi, Garment Valet, Street-Spotted, My Campus Tutor, Indie Ambassador, NBinnovation LLC, and Laura Vela.

A big thanks to LaunchSquad‘s Steve Mnich for extending the invitation to Campus Socialite Media to cover this prestigious event.  An event that was made possible by sponsors such as 1st Round Enterprises, 2020 Company LLC, Alibaba.com, Blackboard, Coupons.com, DHLT, Granaria Holdings, Intelius, The Matzorkis Family, Merlin Information Systems, NYSE, Teoco, The Dilenschneider Group, & WSGR.

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