Outlisten Takes Your Crappy Concert Vids and Turns Them Into An Entire Concert

It used to be that when people would go to see their favorite bands and DJs play, they would actually listen to the music, take in all of the visual stimulation around them, and get lost in the vibe. The advent of camera phones changed all of that. Nowadays you see a lot of people standing awkwardly still, taking videos with their smartphones. But startup Outlisten is proof that that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

If you really want the best rundown of what Outlisten does, then you have to head over to their homepage and check out the video there. it will explain it all to you in the simplest way possible. But in case you’re working or something, I’ll give you the gist. Here it goes: bands will make profiles pages with a calendar of all their tour dates. Users can then upload their videos from the show to that date, resulting in an easy-to-navigate database of memories from last night. But that’s not even the cool part.

If users upload enough videos, Outlisten will use its proprietary waveform software to identify where different match up, and then combines as many as possible to provide the whole show on video, from a ton of different perspectives. If your favorite band or DJ records their live shows, they can sync that high quality audio to the video, and voila! – everyone just worked together to recreate an entire concert, “an incredible amateur and professional hybrid concert experience.” Pretty dope if you ask me.

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