Over-The-Line Tournament, The Name Says It All

What the hell is this picture you might ask? Two chicks, one on her knees with some nice dental floss covering her crack, the other with a baseball bat. Token fat guys with cameras surrounding the hot chicks. Sand. Even a few hot spectator chicks. Welcome to the Over-The-Line Tournament! This year is the 56th Annual World Championship Over-The-Line Tournament in Fiesta Island, San Diego. If you have never heard of this don’t feel bad, most people have not either, it’s the diamond in the rough of party festivals. The 2009 tourney takes place on July 11th and 12th and then again the following weekend July 18th and 19th (you still have time to catch this over the top party tournament… go and book a flight ASAP…. actually finish reading this first because you probably still have no idea what the OTL Tournament even is).

If Mardi Gras and a softball tourney decided to sleep together and the pull and pray method didnt work, their baby would be the Over-The-Line Tournament. To start, it takes place on Fiesta Island, you know it’s good when that’s the name of the island. Fiesta Island only has one access road so, for anyone going, the shuttles provided would be their best bet. The game is basically softball for the lazy/hammered people, and the tournament consists of 1,200 teams of three people per team. Check out the video below for exact rules. The teams come up with ridiculous names and uniforms and are surrounded by over 50,000 drunk people all there to have a good time…oh yeah plus the girls walking around topless never hurt. The alcohol ban in San Diego is lifted for the tourney so come stocked with a full cooler.

The weekend festivities also crowns one gorgeous beach babe “Miss Emerson”.  With the crown comes responsibility to attend all events sponsored by OMBAC that year. OMBAC (Old Mission Beach Athletic Club) is a San Diego charity program which raises funds to help out the community. The OTL tourney is one of the main fundraisers, so besides playing a few games of softball and getting hammered your actually helping out a charity. Getting wasted never felt so good. The tournament is officially closed this year, so if you’re looking to register a team its going to have to wait until next year, but that doesnt mean you can’t enjoy the weekend and party it up in Fiesta Island. True Campus Socialite style….

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