Girl Cries Over Packers Losing. Blames Her Fingernails (Video)


Hell of a run, Green Bay Packers. You may have gone undefeated in games you actually tried to win this year, but Super Bowl repeats are hard to come by nowadays. Aaron Rodgers and the boys are taking the loss hard right now over some  Dom P and golf I’m sure, but I don’t think anyone is hurting more than this, for lack of a better term, Crazy Cheese Head-Wearing Bitch. I’m gonna go ahead and assume she couldn’t name 3 players, but she’s sobbing and cursing herself over the color she painted her fingernails and the jersey her friend apparently made her wear. Hate to break it to you sweetie but nobody gives a fuck about the glitter on your fingernails, the fate of professional football contests and the onward progression of the universe especially. Let’s laugh at her “pain.”

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