Now, that we’ve got our necessities covered, it’s time to placate to our inner fashionistas. Here’s what’s in for the Fall 2009 season, and how you can work these hot trends into your college wardrobe.


I’ve always been one for standing out from the crowd. I don’t know if any article of clothing really does that job quite as well as highlighter colors. But that’s just it… now, with the incorporation of neon pieces into the Fall 2009 fashion line-up, how do we make the distinction between blindingly bright colored pens and chic trend? Unless you’re attending the ever-so-popular 80’s party we’ve talked about, if you’re going to experiment with neon, keep it simple.  Try not to mix with any patterns, especially animal prints such as zebra and leopard.

Embellished Biker Jackets

All of my friends can attest to this fact, I’ve been impatiently waiting for this trend to re-surface. I think out of everything in my closet, my collection of biker jackets, (red, blue, black and brown), are my most prized possessions. Perfect and casual when paired with a tank top and jeans, or wear them over your favorite mini-dress for a killer look. The solution to the fall jacket dilemma: you know, the not quite ready to break out the north-face but definitely too chilly to be outside in only long-sleeves issue.

Ripped Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans

I didn’t know they would be in style again so quickly, but yes, ripped jeans are back. And I’m excited about this one; I always had a soft spot for my damaged denim. I wouldn’t pile too many pairs of these into your suitcase, because we seem to be kind of fickle when it comes to this particular trend; one, very cute, inexpensive pair, should suffice.  While we are on the subject of jeans, the boyfriend jeans are also getting their 15 minutes of fame right now. I was extremely reluctant to accept this look. Katie Holmes is a frequent model for them, and I was never too fond of the way she wore the oversized, cuffed pants. But, I have come to the realization that not only are they much more comfortable than the skinny jeans I’ve come to love (it took some time), but when paired with a sweater, a cute necklace, and a great pair of shoes, they’re just as hot too. The perfect jeans to wear to class.

One Shouldered Dresses

Obviously, not a new up and coming trend, but rapidly gaining popularity. The one-shouldered look has proven it has staying power. In my opinion they are the perfect way to go for a sexy yet fashionable combination look, which is what we all strive to achieve.