"Pants on the Ground" Spawns Instant Remixes, Facebook Group, YouTube Covers

Less than two hours after LARRY PLATT brought the Atlanta auditions of American Idol to a close last night, a Facebook page for his anthem “Pants on the Ground” had already attracted upwards of 45,000 fans. At midnight, two of the top ten trending topics on Twitter and four of the top five top searches on Google were for variations on Platt or his song; Google Trends gave “Pants on the Ground” its highest rating: “volcanic.”

Before the night was out, Simon Cowell’s offhanded remark — “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit” — had already come true. Jay-Z remix? Check. Whiteboy acoustic guitar cover? Check. Below: an amazing assortment of emo covers, autotune refixes, singing babies, snap-music remixes, and dudes jumping around in their bedrooms.

Article Courtesy of http://www.thephoenix.com/

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