Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Released

The ultimate date movie of 2009 is back in 2010.  No I am not talking about Valentine’s Day, I am talking about Paranormal Activity.  Paranormal Activity 2 comes out in October of 2010 and expect another one of the most impressive viral marketing campaigns to lead up to it.  A little tip guys, although it’s always easier to find a few of your boys to blaze up with and then hit this movie, do me a favor and bring a chick.  The movie has no real story, no real plot, there are only 2 real purposes to see this film.  One – to cure hiccups, and two – so a chick can be scared and jump on your dick mid- flick.  After the jump, check out the first preview for Paranormal Activity 2. But before you do that, here is what you will do on that chilly night in October.  Do some pushups, maybe a few curls with the dumbbells, get the biceps real tight, and let your girl hold on tight for the whole night.  FYI, a horror movie with a crowded theater and lots of screaming is a great place to finger a chick… I’m just saying.

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