It’s the first weekend back to school and all anyone really wants to do is party! With so many parties going on, the standards will be high for the ones people remember. So if you do decide to throw your own, you need to pull out all the stops. You want to be the buzz on campus for weeks to come, and in order to do this, you need to have the right equipment.

Choosing the best gadgets for your party can be a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  A memorable party doesn’t need to have fancy gadgets, but they certainly wont hurt your cause.

Party gadgets can be broken down into three key groups: Tunes, Lights, and Drinking Tools.

Party Gadgets: The Perfect Sound System

Music is the most important element of any successful party, but even more important than the playlist is the sound system you choose to play it on. First you need to take a few things into account such as do you live in a dorm? A larger sound system wouldn’t really be ideal for the noise restrictions in a dorm.  In an apartment or house however, the bigger the better. Here are some ways to go big without breaking the bank.

Skull Candy PIPE Speaker Dock

It’s a small and portable way of getting the party rocking.  Not only is it small and portable, but it’s cheap, which is very important for a party on a college budget.

Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506

These babies are strictly house party speakers. If they don’t shake a few windows, and more importantly, make a few girls shake what mama gave them, I really don’t know what will.  For their size and power, they are also very affordable and will definitely pay for themselves in party awesomeness.

Party Gadgets: Party Lighting

During freshman year, my roommate showed up to our dorm room with a box full of Christmas lights and I was incapable of describing how cool it made our room look. From that day on, I knew lighting could make or break a party room.

The lighting section at Spencer’s is probably one of the best places to just roam around if you’re looking for party lights. My personal favorite gadget is the Green Laser Kaleidoscope, which is also available in red.

Party Gadgets: Drinking Accessories

This gadget allows people to loosen up at the beginning of the party and keeps the activities flowing all night… or at least until they can’t anymore. If the stereo and music are the most important features of the party, then this comes in third.

The Shot Bong

Everyone has beer bongs, but why not buy this shot bong to try something new? It’s a quick, efficient method of taking shots, and getting people fucked up even quicker. You put both the shot and the chaser in a little tube, though they never meet until you’re actually taking the shot. Now that’s what I like to call innovative. This product will keep the entertainment factor of your party high for hours.

Team OctaBong

As its name suggests, it’s a beer bong with eight hoses, allowing you to share the funneling experience with a group of your closest friends.  The regular beer bong leaves other people to stand and watch, but with this, everyone can participate.  Also, the separate chambers allow everyone to drink their own drink (no more mono).

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