Building off our recent theme parties entry (, we here at the Campus Socialite would like to open your eyes to some more wild and crazy ideas.  Please enjoy two more can’t miss concepts to make your night one to remember, or to forget because you drank enough to kill a small pony.  Here goes…

The Max Party – This theme is a bit of a stretch but, if done right, guests will be telling their grandchildren about it 50 years from now.  Whether you watched new episodes as a kid or are just catching the reruns now on TBS, Saved by the Bell is the ultimate coming-of-age teen show and holds a special place in the hearts of all children of the ’90s.  Anybody who has seen the show knows that the gang enjoys about 98% of their meals at Who can forget The Max?  The funky looking restaurant that was inexplicably located on Bayside campus and owned and operated by Max, the waiter who couldn’t figure out if he is a magician or food server.  Seriously, that guy would pull live doves out of his apron when all you wanted was a cheeseburger.  My point is, that shit went down at The Max.  Whether is be first dates, pep rallies, and even one memorable dance-off – The Max was Bayside’s version of the 40/40 Club.  In order for a Max Party to reach it’s potential, a number of things must be coordinated and put into play.  First, we are gonna need instrumental ’80s pop music, in fact the only songs with lyrics allowed are “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters (Jesse Spano’s speed addiction anthem) or “Friends Forever” by Zack Attack.  Guests are encouraged to wear Bayside memorabilia ( or go all-out and wear an A.C. Slater wrestling leotard.  Girls frizz your hair and guys break out the neon pants, because you gotta turn back the clocks to make this party jump.  If all goes well, people will be doing “The Sprain” and the “Slater Shuffle” by midnight.

Slater Shuffle:


The Douchebag Party – No, this is not a party to honor everybody’s favorite feminine hygiene product, but rather a way to speak your mind on what a true douche bag embodies.  Nothing is quite as irritating as detecting a high-level of douchebaggery in an individual, so, as it usually is, the best form of relief is comedy.  Why not have everyone dress up in some authentic douchebag apparel and just laugh at each other’s expense?  Suggested outfits for guys are child sized wife beater tank tops, trucker hats tilted 45 degrees to the right, brand new $150 jeans that are made to look worn-in but just have holes cut in them, Aviator sunglasses (worn only in the dark), and of course a full economy sized bottle of gel in your hair.  Girls have more trouble pulling off the douchebag look since an attractive broad can pretty much traipse around in a garbage bag and still get showered with compliments.  The role for females here is more to judge which guys look like the biggest douchebags.  Of course, alcohol will be served and that will also fit the theme.  All booze should have some sort of energy drink mixed in it, so Jaeger Bombs and Red Bulls with vodka will be popular.  With the right attitude and guests who are really committed to the theme, this party can be a great way to poke fun at our generation’s fastest growing epidemic –  douchiness.  

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