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Party with Hef this Saturday at The Playboy Mansion

Although I am sure many of the young, upstanding gentlemen that frequent The Campus Socialite will deny it, I know that every red blooded man has spent countless hours of their adolescence spanking it to America’s leading nudie magazine – Playboy. Don’t deny it guys, you all have the callouses on your fingers and tremendous right wrists (or lefties for those of you who prefer “The Stranger”) to prove it.  What if I told you that you could party at the Playboy Mansion and get a real look at the very women who are lowering your sperm count?  Is that something you might be interested in?  It’s a rhetorical question, of course you are interested in this bonerific opportunity so read on to see how you can be a part of the Playboy Mansion Midsummer Night’s Dream Party this Saturday night.

The most  legendary party of the summer is coming this Saturday, August 7—the Playboy Mansion Midsummer Night’s Dream Party. For the first time ever, will provide an exclusive, inside look into what it’s really like to party at the Mansion, and will bring you all of the sexy scenes that you’ve always wanted to see —in HD.

Chat live online with our hosts for the evening—Playmate Deanna Brooks and Playboy Live’s Havoc—as they mingle with celebrities, Playmates, and party guests throughout the night in this live, streaming webcast. Also, cameras will be shooting by the renowned Mansion pool and grotto to provide viewers with a visual of why Hef is the King of cool.

Playmate Deanna Brooks

Join us this Saturday at 9pm Pacific/12AM Eastern when the party kicks off, and the video stream is live! Until then, check out and enter your email address for a pre-party reminder, and also the chance to win an autographed poster from the party.

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