PAX East 2016: Divinity: Original Sin 2 Impressions

At this year’s PAX East, Larian Studios brought part of their Divinity: Original Sin 2 universe for gamers to try out, specifically showcasing multiplayer combat. The campaign portion of the game promises to be a broad single player or co-op adventure, but for this PAX event the demo focused on PVP single-and multi-player combat scenarios.

Before you read too much into Original Sin 2 though, be sure to check out the original Divinity: Original Sin game so you can appreciate the development going on since the inception of the idea. Currently, this second helping is in its post-Kickstarter development phase, receiving over $2 million in funding from Kickstarter backers.

Especially with the multi-player combat option, it’s vital to understand how action points fit with your turn-based strategies. This particular gameplay feels a lot like chess, and it’s extremely addicting, not to mention satisfying.

Moving On Up In The World

The most intriguing part of the preview was the new vertical aspects of the combat map. There are now different vertical platforms that can be climbed and perched upon, causing things like gravity, vertical distance and placement to affect different characters’ abilities and strengths.

Another new part of the game is the addition of elemental processes. Fire, ice, and other conditionals are part of the new balancing act, and especially with the new vertical mapping, there are a tremendous number of new ways to approach battle strategy and tactics.

From Amateur To Advanced

As with many of the best games of this type, the smart money is on learning how to combine abilities and statistics more efficiently than your opponent, which means that studying these skills and testing them is going to make the difference between an average player and an advanced one.

Even with only 2 players in a PVP battle I competed in, the battle frenzy was nearly instantaneous, with both of us scrambling for high ground and strategic positions. It was a blast to play. I only wish we had been shown progress on the single player campaign, as that’s where the meat of the game is.

In terms of eventual customization options for players, race and origin stories will be part of the immersive experience. Between all of the options from Divinity: Original Sin, and these deeper details that are available in the second installment, the series continues to invite hard core gamers into the folds of this highly entertaining, engaging, and imaginative universe.

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