PAX East 2016: Pit People Impressions

The game designers behind The Behemoth have brought out a new facet of their imagination with their work in progress, Pit People. It’s a 2D hex-based concept, with enough intrigue to make it one of the most unique presentations in the Indie world, as well as at PAX East 2016.

Just watching the gameplay, it’s easy to get lost in the details. The number of things that are happening on the screen are enough to make you dizzy, and those visual details are just as important to getting your tactical strategy in order as the details you have to understand implicitly.

And did I mention that Pit People is co-op, and turn-based as well? That’s enough to pique your curiosity.

That’s a lot to handle, but because of the way the controls are set up, as well as which features are either automatic or automated, battles are fast, heady, and complicated in terms of strategy and tactics.

Intrigued yet?

Artistically, there’s a lot of eye-candy for gamers who like the look of what they’re playing. Bright colors, strong lines, and a unique overall style means that you can’t miss the amount of effort that’s gone into the graphics aspect of the game, which complements the intense and cooperative strategizing that must go on during every turn.

And in addition to the play, the co-op option, and the style, there’s a deep narrative that goes along the journey with you as well. Excellent (and amusing) voice acting, absurdity and humor color the overall theme, and the comic relief from the battles is part of what makes the overall process and movement so entertaining. After lengthy competitions of thought and compromise, theatrical cut scenes give your brain a break.

Strategies, Complexities, and Simplicities

Deeper into the construction of the game, players will appreciate things like the abilities that characters onscreen have, positioning and isolation strategies to delve into, and the rules behind spacial attacking (i.e. without explicit positioning, characters will just end up attacking whomever they feel like).

Overall, Pit People is going to take awhile for anyone to completely learn and master, but the payoff is a uniquely immersive journey. Look into other games from “The Behemoth” to get a stronger historical concept of where this particular idea comes from, as there are internal reference to past projects that deepen understanding.

Stay tuned to their homepage and web presence for more updates.

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