Perhaps one of the most popular shows in the gaming industry is the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).. Most recently, the PAX East 2016 festival was held in Boston.

Included here are the 10 best games of the show:

1. Pyre

A party-based RPG, Pyre allows you to lead a band of exiles through the ancient battlegrounds of a massive purgatory. Some of the main benefits of this game are the artistic talent, emotional story, and crazy combat scenarios. Pyre has not yet been released to the public, but you can learn more on their Supergiant game page.

2. A Night In The Woods

For animal lovers everywhere, A Night In The Woods is a game about a talking cat who returns to his hometown. Based on the frequent colloquialism that “you can never go home again,” the cat returns to find everything has changed. Reviewers felt the game was a bit depressing, but

interesting and engaging all the same.

3. Hob

Another popular game on the PAX agenda is called Hob. For lovers of Zelda, Hob gives you a throwback to a Zelda-esque landscape. At its essence, Hob is an adventure game that involves completing tasks to save a failing planet. The color, mystique, and silent protagonist of this game are sure to get gamers everywhere talking.

4. Outlaws 2

For those who love darker, spookier games, Outlaws 2 may be the game of the year. Outlaws 2 allows you to experience a near dark experience, filled with suspense and terror. With interdimensional time travel and fear of the dark, Outlaws 2 is sure to fill the adrenaline junkie with a gamer rush.

5. Cuphead

For those who love a flashback to keeping it old school, Cuphead may be the perfect game. With a revamped edition coming out with more bosses, an easy mode, more content, and additional platform levels, Cuphead has brought a new angle to 2016. Fantastic two-player controls as well as fine-tuned charming graphics make it a travesty that there’s no release date in sight.

6. Dead By Daylight

Another game for those who love suspenseful, horror experiences, Dead by Daylight pairs a one-person killer with four other players attempting to escape. Caution for those who get woozy easily, Dead By Daylight has exceedingly gruesome kill scenes.

7. Headlander

For those who love apocalyptic based games, Headlander may be just the thing for you. Set to release in summer of 2016, Headlander pairs extinct humans with robot overlords. Imagine waking up from a century-long slumber to find your body is not where you placed it and the world looks nothing like it did in the past.

8. Wasted

A humorous take on modern lifestyle changes, Wasted offers you healing junk food and powerful mutating booze. Set in the post-apocalyptic world in space, Wasted offers a completely new lease on battles and puzzle-solving.

9. Seven: Days Long Gone

While isometric RPGs have been living out of the spotlight for awhile, it may be time for them to make a comeback with Seven: Days Long Gone. This RPG takes place in a vibrant environment with elements of cyberpunk and steam. This interesting concept allows parkour and free traversal in the world map.

10. Let It Die

Returning to the darker elements of the gaming world, Let It Die is a hack and slash game with weapon varieties based on character choice. With fast-paced battle interactions, Let It Die keeps you on your toes as your slain enemies return as vengeful ghosts.

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