PAX East 2017: Songbringer Thoughts

Slated for release at the end of this year on Steam as well as DRM-free for Windows, Mac and Linux, Songbringer is a whole new world of adventure. Following in the footsteps of Zelda, yet leaving it in the dust with a trail of innovation including non-linear progression, Songbringer takes gaming to a mystical level with a touch of random chaos.

Created by Nathanael Weiss, this game generated 759 backers on Kickstarter who pledged a total of $15,063 to bring his project to life.

Before the game begins, you’ll select a 6-letter “world seed” word which generates the details of the world including the entire planet, its overworld, secrets, and even its dungeons. With the possibility of generating 308 million worlds, each level in this action RPG adventure is generated randomly so you won’t get the same adventure twice. Unless, of course, you choose to enter the same world seed over and over again, but where’s the fun in that?

You can even play against your friends (or with them in cooperation), because when you enter the same world seed codes, you’ll all be in the same world.

When you explore these worlds as accidental hero Roq Epimetheos, you just want to party and make music while you cruise across the galaxy in a ship called Songbringer. On your quest for planets devoid of galactic police, you’ll be met with demons just awakened, virus androids, and a plethora of interesting characters to contend with including an evil ancient army.

Take your teleport orb to the droidsmith to create some serious alchemy and generate a fire teleport orb. Or bring the droidsmith your microcord, poison, and a tophat and he’ll turn it into a poisonous boomerang tophat.

As you move through these weird, 16-bit worlds using your nanosword to vanquish giants in order to save the planet from their takeover, your mission is to collect ancient relics and devices in order to combine them to form powerful artifacts. Beware if you find yourself in a cave in the jungle on planet Ekzerra, though. There’s a sword inside that will jail you as well as your enemies.

Catch a sneak preview on YouTube and get an early piece of the action.

Songbringer is loaded with non-traditional weapons, space demons, psychedelic mushrooms to help you find secret areas, and even random, secret exploding walls.

Stay tuned for the release so you can start soothing monsters and opening those portals with your electric guitar.

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