PAX Prime 2014 Impressions: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

The Borderlands franchise may be not be as old as some of the other ultra-successful FPSs, but few game developers have pushed the boundaries of gaming as far as Gearbox Software. With their announcement of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, fans are more excited than ever to see what this company is going to bring to the table in their third installment of this franchise. Here is a closer look at just a few of the features this game will be touting and how it will stack up against the impressive 2014 lineup.

When Borderlands the Pre-Sequel was first announced, fans of this series were in for quite a bit of shock: the game was not developed for the next-gen gaming systems including the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Gearbox Software decided to do this due to the fact that many of the gamers that followed this franchise decided to stick with the last-gen platforms, and those that did move on still had the option of playing with backwards compatibility. In addition to this, 2K Australia decided to join up with Gearbox Software to create Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, and they felt comfortable that the graphics and physics were perfectly suited for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and most PC players. Both 2K Australia and Gearbox Software clearly stated that the true Borderlands 3 game would be on next-gen consoles.

Moving into the storyline, the newest installment of Borderlands takes place between Borderlands 1 and 2. Players hop into the world of Handsome Jack just before he becomes the maniacal antagonist of Borderlands 2 and is simply a man looking to consolidate his power. The game actually takes place on the moon of Pandora before it has become a fragmented series of rocks as can be seen in Borderlands 2. This switch to the moon of Pandora not only helped to flesh out the storyline, it also helped changed the physics and combat of the game.

Players have four new Vault Hunters to play as including Claptrap, the overbearing and high-strung sidekick of Borderlands 1 and 2. Each of the Vault Hunters has come with their own unique personalities as well as skills, and this also adds a bit of depth to the strategies that have already been altered due to the low-gravity nature of the moon. For those that have played the previous games in the franchise, game developers have said to expect a wide array of familiar characters. Vault Hunters will also be given a variety of new weapons, weapon-types, and vehicles that they will be able to use while running through various missions and side missions.

For anyone that enjoyed the previous two Borderlands, this new addition is sure to be an extension of both the gameplay and the storyline. With the controls, themes, and humor all remaining the same, there will be hours of extended missions for those that would like to carry over their enthusiasm from the original titles.

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