Devolver Digital’s paean to both the action movies and the side-scrolling run-and-gun games of the 1980s and 1990s has been kicking around in one beta form or another since 2012, but it crept much closer to fully playable reality at PAX Prime 2015. Devolver had a demo on hand featuring simultaneous play with up to four people, but the final release date still has yet to be announced.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, “Broforce” is essentially “The Expendables” in game form, but with the violence and mayhem cranked up appropriately given the lack of any of the barriers of reality (or film budgets). The team behind this was actually hired out to create a standalone version to promote “The Expendables 3.”

For the main game, however, an all-star team of characters from action movies of the ’80s and ’90s (such as Indiana Brones and The Brominator) fight their way through various levels taking out stereotypical action film villains like European criminal gangs and Middle Eastern terrorists.

Though the game can be played alone, it benefits greatly from getting a team of bros together. Players can rescue their downed companions, which also offers them an opportunity to jump back into the fight as another character. An arena deathmatch mode is also planned for the finished product. Players will also be able to climb an online leaderboard for bragging rights and share levels made with a level editor when all is said and done.

The other big feature of the game is destructible terrain. “Broforce” takes this to about as much of an extreme as possible, with everything except for the American flag subject to destruction. The game has drawn early comparisons to “Terraria” just in the sheer scope of how much the terrain can be altered by player weaponry. Destroying terrain isn’t just a source of mindless catharsis — players can often gain a tactical advantage by digging under or around a cluster of enemies that are waiting in ambush. “Broforce” manages to make its playfields totally destructible by cleverly building them entirely out of square blocks, which also adds to the retro ambiance.

“Broforce” doesn’t pretend to be anything but mindless mayhem and a nostalgia trip back to a more violent and patriotic era of film, but it’s likely going to have a large player base that appreciates it for what it is. The developing beta version is available on Steam, and the full release is planned for sometime in late 2015.

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