Paying Attention To Teen Driving in College

Going to college may be one of the best experiences a person has in their entire life. Getting away from home is an enlightening experience. Being a master of your destiny as far as what classes you take, what friends you make, and where you go is a big deal. Unfortunately, there tends to be a little bit of a problem with teen driving specifically in college. If you’ve only been driving for a few years, and then suddenly you’re in a college town with lots of traffic, that can become a problem, especially if you aren’t careful with certain driving precautions.

Think of all the ways that paying attention to teen driving in college should be a priority. First of all, there is the cost. Owning and driving a car costs money, and college kids are notoriously broke. Secondly, there is a higher possibility of accidents with younger drivers with minimal driving experience. Third, teens in college, especially the first few years, are notorious for risky behavior while driving to try to prove themselves to the world. And lastly, there is a consistent problem with underage drinking in college, and that leads to alcohol-related driving accidents.

The Cost

The total cost of a car is not just the price tag coming off the lot. There are insurance costs to consider. There is the price of gasoline. There is the money that you have to put into maintenance and cleaning and upkeep. All of these things add up. If a teen in college thinks they’re going to pay a few thousand dollars and then that is the entire cost of their vehicular experience, they are in for a rude awakening.

Possible Accidents

On college campuses, especially with teens, there are greater possibilities for vehicle accidents on the roads. College campuses are usually high-density areas when it comes to traffic and people, and because folks are in constant motion going to and fro from classes, this makes for potential collisions between people and cars, or one type of vehicle and another if someone isn’t paying attention or is in a rush.

Risky Behavior

Teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior, especially when it comes to driving. They may think it’s funny to pack more people into a car than is legal. They might try to do something to impress their friends by going too fast in a car or going in an area that’s off limits. These kinds of risks can lead to injury and damage, and teens are often the culprits when it comes to mischievous driving.

Drinking and Driving

Finally, there is always going to be a consistent problem with teen drinking and driving, especially in the college atmosphere. Teens will have access to alcohol in ways that they didn’t before, and then they will decide that it’s okay to drive themselves home. This is a recipe for disaster and even possible jail time.

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