Peep This: Brewsees, The Sunglasses That Pop Bottles

brewseesI’ll be honest: when I got an email about sunglasses that can open beer bottles, I didn’t expect much. But I opened the Brewsees webpage and was immediately sold. Many a time I’ve been standing around outside hounding my friends for a bottle opener that no one has. No more.


The creators of these interesting hybrids drunkenly stumbled upon the idea 5 years ago when they were without the convenience of a simple bottle opener. Let’s be honest, every college student hits the point where they no longer have the regular means to open a beer bottle, and resort to some creative ways of popping open their favorite brew: Tables or countertops, using lighters as leverage, having your most badass put his teeth or eye sockets to good use, etc.


But what if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and it just so happens that no one has a lighter, and your talented friend is elsewhere? This is where Brewsees find a niche – because if you’re outside in the sun, chances are you’re wearing shades to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays…or just trying to cultivate that “mysterious” look. Either way, everyone will think you’re the shit when you pop open a bottle with your sunglasses. It just makes sense.

Plus, they’ve got a sweet tagline: “Pry One Today.” That’s just good marketing right there. And they come with a free beer coozie. Bonus. So go buy your pair today!

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